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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted a broadcast license for the first low-powered, African American owned and operated FM radio station to operate in Peoria, Illinois. Operated by the Black Business Alliance Peoria Chapter, Inc., the 100 watt station’s primary focus area is the Southside  and East Bluff of Peoria; however, our signal allows us to reach the entire Peoria community. In addition, streaming on the internet has touched so many more!

WPNV LP 106.3 FM will be operated by Denise and Garry Moore of the BBA Peoria. The format of WPNV features quality music with an emphasis on educational and public affairs programming. It is an outgrowth of our FCC application and based on feedback received from Peoria residents…

Music With a Message!

In Peoria

We have been missing out on vital information about local happenings… It’s like we don’t exist on the radio dial.

with WPNV…

There is FINALLY a place in the local media arena where residents can tune in to get constant public affairs information that speaks directly to the needs of the multi-cultural community and a much-needed forum for a diversity of ideas!

The days of Posting Fliers Word of Mouth Limited Internet Blasts and Hit or Miss TV Shows are OVER!

We need a Radio Station!

Not only is there a niche market of African American households in all income ranges, with groundbreaking programming geared towards Hispanic households, we hope to have a sizable number of Spanish speaking listeners during certain time slots. And with the ever growing general popularity of African American music, we are confident the station will have cross-over appeal 106.3FM

It’s Easy to be a Sponsor!

How Sponsorship Works:

WPNV LP 106.3FM is a community-supported, non-commercial radio station. Funding for WPNV is made possible by contributions from individuals, corporations, and grants. These contributions are tax- deductible. Unlike “commercial advertisers,” sponsors of WPNV do not buy time on the station. Rather, they underwrite programming costs and/or

fund specific program segments. We at WPNV have begun our underwriting campaign. Simply stated, we will afford businesses, institutions and individuals the opportunity to sponsor time slots on WPNV.

We have divided up the WPNV sponsorship into three (3) general categories:

I. Underwriters

Based on a budget formula that takes into account station operating costs and listener habits, a select number of entities will be afforded the opportunity to become a Station Underwriter. Underwriters are invited to serve on our advisory board. For the first year, Underwriters will receive multiple periodic mentions on the station during the peak listening hours or Morning Drive (5am – 9am) and Afternoon Drive (2pm – 6pm). These mentions will be attached to programming we are calling Shorty*. Specifically, (8) mentions per day Monday through Friday. This translates to more than 2,000 mentions per year. In addition, underwriters will receive priority placement on the WPNV website.

II. General Sponsor

General Sponsors are recognized as individuals or corporate entities that, while not making the optimum contribution of an Underwriter, have contributed greatly to the financial operation of the Station. As a General Sponsor, you would receive several periodic mentions on the Station during mid-day and evening programming. Specifically, 5 mentions per day, Monday through Friday. This translates to 1,300 mentions per year. General Sponsors will also be afforded space on the WPNV website.

III. Program Sponsor

Unlike weekday drive time mentions for Underwriters and mid-day and evening mentions for General Sponsors, these programs carry the Program Sponsor’s name/phrase line twice wrapped around the beginning and end of the specific program (i.e. “the following program is made possible by a contribution from the ACME Anvil Company, the Coyote is always in Pursuit”…. And “the preceding program was made possible by a contribution from the ACME Anvil Company, at ACME, the Roadrunner always gets caught”).

Underwriters and General Sponsors are encouraged to consider participation in the Program Sponsorship of those shows that they believe would fit within their Corporate-Community Affairs mission.


Program Sponsorship Opportunities:

The scheduled programs include, but are not limited to:

Newsmakers: A half hour program which tackles current local, state and national issues. Leaders within the community will be in-studio for lively discussions.

The Forum: A half hour program which tackles local concerns and offers constructive solutions to ways people can improve their community.

How Do you Feel: An hour morning program, which looks at health/wellness and fitness. The goal of this program is to address, on an ongoing basis, the health concerns (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.) predominately found in the African American community.

Dollars and Sense: A half hour program, which explores the spectrum of financial issues (including money management, entrepreneurship, debt reduction, real estate investing, stock investing, predatory lending, mortgage financing, retirement savings, etc.).

The People’s Government: A half hour program, which looks at government at the local, state, and national levels. This program would feature elected representatives, council members, County Board members, political analysts, etc. to discuss specific laws, ordinances, resolutions, races, campaigns, strategies, services, taxes, and leadership.

What’s Happening: A half hour program, which brings everyone up to date on events that are planned for the community.

Speak UP: A half hour program, hosted by area young people, which tackles issues on the minds of the next generation

Master Blasters: Local Music programming airing on Saturday evenings will feature the talents of local DJ’s, who will showcase their own unique style of music mixing within the context of the 106.3 music format.

Music w/ a Message: A Sunday evening program that features music that carries inspirational, social, and political messages.

Voz Latina: A Weekend talk show that looks at issues of concern to the Peoria area’s Latino community.

Salsa Jam: A music program hosted by local Salsa legend Ed Caballero

Jazz Sunday: A two hour Jazz program that features traditional Jazz music as well as alternatives to conventional Jazz programming. It also features a creative forum for Illinois Jazz artists (Semenya McCord, Maggie Brown, Brianna Thomas, Greg Ward Jr., and Doug Stone) and other artists (Poets, Spoken Word, etc).


Monday through Friday /Shorty or Shorties

A Shorty* is our name for Smart Hourly Recorded Talk Segments (four minutes in length) that will air primarily during AM Drive and PM Drive, with less play during Mid Day and Evening Programming. A Shorty is designed to be topical and will carry themes that can be updated weekly. This programming is rotated so as to give listeners four different conversation topics per hour.

Talk Topics will be included but not be limited to:

Self Esteem

Dress For Success

Continuing Education

Computer Literacy

Single Parenting

Positive Male Role Models

Black History Trivia

Healthy Lifestyles

Single Parenting

Self Esteem

Anti-Drug Messages

Stress Management


Money Management

Career Advancement

Peer Pressure

Teen Sexuality


Healthy Lifestyles


Religious Sponsors

106.3’s one-hour Sunday morning programs are designed to feature inspirational and musical messages.

The Management, Staff, and Volunteers at 106.3 all recognize the vital role religious institutions play in our community. Besides ministering to the population’s spiritual yearnings, the Church has historically been a key place for organizing and community activity. Peoria is blessed to have a number of predominantly African American Churches that have become pillars of the community. To the extent that technology has expanded the scope of the Gospel, we would be remiss in our planning efforts if we did not make available key time slots to area Churches.

The Sunday Programming lineup will begin at 5am and run until 3pm. Churches are invited to Sponsor a (1) one hour program that could run in any of the following time slots:

6am to 7am, 7am to 8am, 8am to 9am, 9am to 10am, 10am to 11am, 11am to Noon

Churches would be required to submit for broadcast a MP3 or CD copy of the hour long program, not less than five days prior to the air date. Traditionally, such programs have included a standard (however abbreviated) Order of Service, complete with songs and a sermon. However, Churches may elect to feature a Sermonette, Discussion, Concert, or whatever is deemed appropriate.

In cities where African American Radio Stations make such programming available, the Church is able to reach shut ins, the sick, bereaved, distressed, afraid, depressed, withdrawn, and others who (for one reason or another) do not have a Church home…or don’t attend. In that vein the Church is able to use Media to speak to those who are disenfranchised.


Interested in becoming a Sponsor? Click here and we will contact you.